Sep 23, 2011

Tents and forts and nooks

I have some issues when sleeping. Actually is just a matter of layout. I need to be as far as possible from the bedroom door, and as close as possible to a wall. I assume that it has to do with the bedroom I shared with my sisters growing up. My bed was facing the door, and I could see the shadows of people (sisters, Mom) coming through the door when the light was off, and it scared me a little. So I would face the wall and sometimes sneak my face in the tiny space between the bed and the wall. Pretty crazy, I know. The thing is that I’ve always dreamed of sleeping in indoor tents and forts and nooks, anything that could 'protect' me. Here are a few lovely ones I found around the web:

Tengo algunos problemas a la hora de dormir. En realidad es sólo una cuestión de distribución. Necesito estar lo más lejos posible de la puerta y lo más cerca posible de una pared. Supongo que tiene que ver con el dormitorio que compartía con mis hermanas cuando era chica. Mi cama estaba justo frente a la puerta, y podía ver las sombras de quienes entraban al cuarto (mis hermanas o mi Mamá) cuando las luces estaban apagadas, y me daba un poco de miedo. Entonces me acostaba mirando a la pared y a veces metía la cara en el espacio entre la pared y la cama. Bastante loco, ya sé. La cosa es que siempre soñé con dormir en carpas, chozas y rincones, cualquier cosa que pueda "protegerme". Aquí hay algunos divinos que encontré por ahí:

Sep 16, 2011

On Rainy days...

It was supposed to rain today, but it still hasn't. I really love rainy days, for me they mean like a massive cleansing of all the bad things in the world. The sound of it, its smell, to see the drops falling from the sky, it all seems so pure to me. Here are some nice pics of rain and the song I automatically start singing in my head  whenever it starts raining. 

Se suponía que hoy lloviera, pero todavía no lo hizo. Realmente amo los días lluviosos, para mí significan una limpieza masiva de todo lo malo que hay en el mundo. El sonido de la lluvia, su perfume, ver las gotas caer del cielo, hacen parecer todo tan puro. Acá van algunas algunas fotos lluviosas y la canción que automáticamente empiezo a cantar en mi cabeza cada vez que se desata la lluvia. 

*All pics via Pinterest.

Sep 11, 2011


My Mom's Chocolate Cake / Torta de Chocolate de mi Mamá

 The roses Nico gave me after my last exam / Las rosas que me regaló Nico después de mi último examen

A llama wool blanket for snuggling by the fire / Una manta de llama para acurrucarse junto al fuego

 The humble bread painting given to me by Nico's uncle for my 25th birthday / Pintura de un humilde pan que me regaló el tío de Nico para mi cumpleaños Nº 25

 Embroidery threads used to make friendship bracelets / Hilos de bordar usados para hacer pulseras de la amistad

Jul 12, 2011

SJP for Vogue

Sarah Jessica Parker just made an editorial for Vogue -shot by Mario Testino- , showing what it is like "to be her", with her husband and kids. I totally loved the first picture, but then it disappointed me a little how hard she poses for the pics. Her children look gorgeous, super natural, but it seems to me like she was Photoshopped into the scene.
Here's my favorite:


To see all the pics and see if you agree, or not, with me, click here.


Jul 8, 2011

The End of an Era

Yeah, I know Tom has become a little creepy lately, but I always loved his excitement when singing this...

Today I had my last class at college. I still have two (or may be three, I don't know yet) final exams until I get my degree. But it feels OH SO GOOD not to attend class anymore. Can you believe that I had to compulsory attend class for the last 22 years of my life?? (I'm 27 right now, you do the math). It's just crazy, I've spent almost all my life going to class, doing homework, assignments and having exams! Unbelievable. The best thing is that what I remember the most about my early childhood -when I was about three or four years old- is asking my Mom in the morning, when she came into my room to wake me up: "Is it sunny?", because if it did, it meant I could have a great time playing outside. And then, asking her if I could wear a flowered blouse. How I loved Spring!
And then, the last two years, I realized that what I was studying wasn't really for me. And I had my Mom telling me: "You're so close, just finish it and then you can do whatever you want!", and my boyfriend telling me in the other side: "You can quit now and start doing what you like right away, why would you keep suffering?". And you know what? I always thought they were both right. And it made the last two years so much harder for me. I decided to follow my Mom's advice, but always thinking about what Nico said.
So, today, a huge part of my torture ended (I still have those exams to pass), and I decided to have a fresh start. I want to post more often, i want to start yoga classes, buy a new camera and start a photography course (Ok, may be next year), and go on a great vacation in October. Now life seems exciting even with those little things.
I'll keep you posted, I promise. Besos!

Jun 22, 2011

Stylish Ladies

Love the way these girls style their selves, they can be classic and sometimes a little risky too.

Naomi Watts

Diane Kruger

Eva Mendes

All pics via Instyle

Jun 2, 2011

Ingenius Apt.

I couldn't believe my eyes as I watch this video. How cool is this 'transformer' apartment? You need some serious creativity and practical sense to come up with something like this.

I feel bad for complaining about my 460 square feet apt.

May 28, 2011

DIM (Did It Myself) Light Fixture

I’m getting into the DIY frenzy lately. I’ve done some small things before, like painting our bedroom table lamps green (they were black ceramic), or repainting photo frames, but this was my first ‘major’ project. When we moved together, Nico bought our bed cover and I must admit I was actually pretty afraid of what he’d come home with while he was out shopping, but the moment I saw it, I loved it: it’s the perfect mix of apple and olive green, right in the middle (I’m sure there’s a name for that color, I just don’t know it). So we decided our bedroom would have different shades of green and beige. We needed a light fixture, so I bought an apple green paper lantern, but I didn’t realize that the whole room would be green whenever we turned on the light (duh!) until I finally did it. S H O C K. Anyways, we quickly got used to seeing each other like sleepy Hulks every morning.

Finally, the other day I said it was enough and decided to do a makeover to our good ‘ol lantern. I bought two sheets of silk paper (at least that’s how we call it here, a super thin transparent paper), got glue, a pencil, scissors and a jar lid and started drawing and cutting paper circles (they seemed like a thousand!). Nico looked at me like I was totally insane and said: “Babe, we could just buy a white lantern, you know…” but instead I offered him to give my project a try, and if it turned out to be a mess then we would get a new one.


 BUT when I finished it we both loved it and hanged it right away. I love the fact that you can still see the green peeking underneath the white circles, and the shades, and I’m oh so happy that I just turn the light on to see it shine. 

I’ve always said that it’s so rewarding to see something you did yourself finished, even if it’s a simply knitted scarf. And it makes you want to do a thousand other things.
Hope you like my creation! Besos!

May 14, 2011


Yep, I like taking pictures of nature in detail, even though I have this camera. Oh well, one day i'll get a better one and take a photography course.


Pear flowers

The tiniest mushrooms

Thistle flower

Chive buds

Grouchy leaf

Apr 16, 2011


Last night I was dreaming of Coachella, and hanging out in Polyvore, so I thought I could put together some outfits I'd wear if I could actually go to the concerts. It was just a dream (maybe it was too late at night), because: a) I can't fly over 10.000 kms to a music festival, and b) I can't afford the Marc Jacobs dress, or the Tom Ford sunglasses, or the Mulberry shorts... yet... :P
After taking a look at the program of the shows I decided that if anyone would make me choose just one day to go to Coachella, it would be Saturday. Mumford & Sons, Erykah Badu, Gogol Bordello and Bomba Estereo all playing the same day in the same stage??? Yes, please! I know it's an eclectic mix, but that's the way I am. I think life is too diverse and awesome to be stuck in one style of anything: music, clothes, etc. 
Enough Philosophy for today my friends, hope you have a great weekend. Below are a video from Mumford & Sons and the Polyvore sets I told you about.

Apr 12, 2011


Last night I watched this movie, starring Jane Fonda and Donald Sutherland, and there were a few things I noticed:

1. Mr. Sutherland was really handsome back in 1971.

Pic via here

2. The monologs Jane does at her analyst's are superb. The way she describes her fears about falling in love and her relationship with detective Klute are AMAZING. No wonder she won an Oscar for portraying Bree Daniels.

3. The clothes! I know this topic has been blogged before, and even Freja Beha made an editorial for Vogue Nippon inspired in the movie, but they’re so current! The little sequined dress, the high waist midi skirt, her awesome trench coat paired with the fringed bag and the mini skirt with thigh high boots are all seen nowadays too.

 Pic via here

Pic via here

So my advice would be: if you haven’t seen this movie yet, go get it right away.


Apr 11, 2011

Last week...

... started pretty bad...

... by Thursday, it got even worse...

... but thankfully the weekend was great, celebrating my boyfriend's birthday with friends and family!

All pics via Fashion Gone Rogue

Here's to a great week for all of us. Besos!

Apr 2, 2011

Ray Lamontagne

This guy's been making me happy lately. I loooove his voice, and that kind of sad look in his eyes just makes me wanna hug him.
Bon week-end!
Besos :)

Ray LaMontagne - Trouble from Txomin Sorrigueta on Vimeo.

Mar 20, 2011

Back to work...

... And back to study and all that stuff. Since we came back from our beach vacation, life hasn't stopped. It’s incredible how days go by in a glimpse, right?
Thankfully the week we spent in Mar de las Pampas didn’t go so fast, and we were able to go to the beach every day, watch movies, and grill fish with friends. Everything was simple and beautiful.
I was so relaxed that I didn’t even take a lot of photos, but here are some of my favorites.


Feb 26, 2011

Vacation and changes

la espuma del mar
Pic taken by me.

We've had a difficult couple of weeks at home lately, that's why I wasn't posting. We have an offer to change our lives completely: which means moving to another city (a seaside town) and start our own business, just the two of us. We've always thought of getting out of Buenos Aires before we have kids, but this opportunity caught us with a low guard, totally unexpected. We haven't made a decision yet, we're just so scared, weighing up the pros and cons.
Thankfully tomorrow we're going on vacation. A week by the sea will help us think clearly, I hope.
Definitely the sea is in our future: the near future for sure, and probably our distant future as well.

Feb 11, 2011

Argentina: Food

Here I am again, trying to show you a little bit more about my country and how we live here. I think food tells a lot about people, and in this case, a country. So, here's a recipe (thanks to lovely Rebecca!) for making our favorite sweet treat : Dulce de Leche

We basically add Dulce de Leche to anything sweet. We make alfajores (two soft buttery cookies sticked with DDL), little coconut squares, ice cream (I think Haagen Dazs sells it in the US), crêpes filled with DDL and we always use it as cake filling.
Hope you can give it a try and enjoy it as much a we do!
Besos et bon week-end!

Feb 2, 2011

Mirror madness.

I just love mirrors. And I can't wait to have a bigger apartment, so I can hang at least one of them somewhere: bedroom, living room, it doesn't matter. They not only make a space look bigger and brighter, but also serve as an option of wall art. Here are some samples of what I'm talking about:

Master Bedroom2 traditional bedroom
Cristi Holcombe

Entry contemporary entry

Signature Properties Model Home II traditional entry
Kerrie L. Kelly

All pics via Houzz