Feb 26, 2011

Vacation and changes

la espuma del mar
Pic taken by me.

We've had a difficult couple of weeks at home lately, that's why I wasn't posting. We have an offer to change our lives completely: which means moving to another city (a seaside town) and start our own business, just the two of us. We've always thought of getting out of Buenos Aires before we have kids, but this opportunity caught us with a low guard, totally unexpected. We haven't made a decision yet, we're just so scared, weighing up the pros and cons.
Thankfully tomorrow we're going on vacation. A week by the sea will help us think clearly, I hope.
Definitely the sea is in our future: the near future for sure, and probably our distant future as well.

1 comment:

  1. Pudieron tomar una decisión? :)
    Qué lindo tu blog, mil gracias por pasar por el mío!