Feb 11, 2011

Argentina: Food

Here I am again, trying to show you a little bit more about my country and how we live here. I think food tells a lot about people, and in this case, a country. So, here's a recipe (thanks to lovely Rebecca!) for making our favorite sweet treat : Dulce de Leche

We basically add Dulce de Leche to anything sweet. We make alfajores (two soft buttery cookies sticked with DDL), little coconut squares, ice cream (I think Haagen Dazs sells it in the US), crêpes filled with DDL and we always use it as cake filling.
Hope you can give it a try and enjoy it as much a we do!
Besos et bon week-end!


  1. gorgeous and delicious! making my tummy growl!

  2. Our favorite sweet...don't you remember its fragance/smell when it was finished and...hot?