Jul 8, 2011

The End of an Era

Yeah, I know Tom has become a little creepy lately, but I always loved his excitement when singing this...

Today I had my last class at college. I still have two (or may be three, I don't know yet) final exams until I get my degree. But it feels OH SO GOOD not to attend class anymore. Can you believe that I had to compulsory attend class for the last 22 years of my life?? (I'm 27 right now, you do the math). It's just crazy, I've spent almost all my life going to class, doing homework, assignments and having exams! Unbelievable. The best thing is that what I remember the most about my early childhood -when I was about three or four years old- is asking my Mom in the morning, when she came into my room to wake me up: "Is it sunny?", because if it did, it meant I could have a great time playing outside. And then, asking her if I could wear a flowered blouse. How I loved Spring!
And then, the last two years, I realized that what I was studying wasn't really for me. And I had my Mom telling me: "You're so close, just finish it and then you can do whatever you want!", and my boyfriend telling me in the other side: "You can quit now and start doing what you like right away, why would you keep suffering?". And you know what? I always thought they were both right. And it made the last two years so much harder for me. I decided to follow my Mom's advice, but always thinking about what Nico said.
So, today, a huge part of my torture ended (I still have those exams to pass), and I decided to have a fresh start. I want to post more often, i want to start yoga classes, buy a new camera and start a photography course (Ok, may be next year), and go on a great vacation in October. Now life seems exciting even with those little things.
I'll keep you posted, I promise. Besos!


  1. Uh estoy esperando ese momento!! Felicitaciones!! :)
    Qué estudiaste y qué te gustaría estudiar después?

  2. Gracias Carlita!! Relaciones Públicas :S, y definitivamente algo con diseño, de interiores tal vez. A vos también te falta poco?