Nov 6, 2010

Old Year Resolutions

First of all, sorry for being away so long. As I said before, the last couple weeks have been crazy, too much work, too much "homework" (had to write a paper and a PR plan), too little sleep and quality time at home. But, now I'm free (well... kind of), so I made a few "Old Year Resolutions", things I want to do before the end of 2010. Here they go:

  1. Get a silky blouse like this and a denim shirt like this.
  2. Go on a spa weekend with my sisters (had to postpone it a month ago)
  3. Spend a weekend here, where my boyfriend's family has a house.
  4. Get a pair of shoes like this
  5. Clean up these messes:
                                                                                                Pics taken by me

Do you think I can make it in less than two months?


  1. Oh, I'm so glad to see that someone in the world has an unfinished to do list and a messy closet :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hahaha, let me tell you Rachel that I just managed to clean the closet in the right, the rest is still to be done. But the year isn't over yet! xo