Nov 14, 2010

Fashion discrimination

I know this blog is supposed to be about the things that make me happy, but this time I'm posting about something that makes me a little angry... I just felt I had to talk about this.

It's not easy to follow fashion trends in Argentina, you know. The other day I was determined to get a few Spring/Summer "essentials" (the shirts and shoes in the previous post) to kick off the warm season in style... When I realised that we're not only one season behind the North Hemisphere, but TWO seasons behind! Looking at the windows of the most "affordable" shops I saw all the trends from 2009 (!?) beautifully displayed, so I was headed to the shopping mall thinking at least Zara would give me what I was looking for. Unfortunately, after almost one hour of checking every single rack in Zara, I came home with the hypothesis that they don't bring down here the clothes I see in the European and American blogs (I spent the whole winter saying: "I'll get that blouse/skirt/pair of shoes this spring"), it seems they just bring what they don't sell up there.
Beautiful Zara outfits I'm sure I won't be seeing next year in any of the 6 stores they have in Buenos Aires

SO dissapointing! I mean, I know we're the 3rd World, but do we have to wear what they want instead of what WE want?? I think a proof of that is the trip The Sartorialist made to Buenos Aires a few weeks ago. He did'nt take a single street style picture! Of course there's a lot of people who go to Europe and the US and get their clothes there, but what about the rest of us?? And what's wrong with our own designers? Nowadays, they have a lot of tools to be "on trend", we don't have to wait months to get a Vogue magazine delivered in a ship anymore! Anyways, what was the only thing I bought at Zara that day? A pair of trousers for my boyfriend :S
Hope you're having a great weekend. xoxo


  1. You know what? I totally agree!! I have never heard it put this way but I'm with you sista!

  2. That is soo dissapointing!! I remember when I used to live in Brasil, and it just seemed like everything in the magazines were not in stores. :(!! It really sucked!!

  3. Fashion in Argentina is something very important for its citizens. Girls wanna look good and shoppings are always crowded with teenagers wanting to purchase the clothing from the best designers in the world. They also have two major fashion shows organized by hairdresser Roberto Giordano. Last year I had decided to rent apartments in buenos aires and took part of the BAF (Buenos Aires Fashion) week and had the best time. Models are pretty good and I realized that purple is the new color coming up for the next season!

  4. ohhh u poor really sorry to hear that...u want me to get u send u stuff from new york? im sure i can...

    but zara i think as also started selling online, maybe u can order online from the US website?

    sorry darling, i hope u cheer up... but im sure u can find some cool local designers

  5. Thank you ladies! You're so nice!
    Prutha! That's very kind of you! I've actually been checking some online shops, and even with the shipping costs, it'll cost me less than buying clothes in Argentina, so crazy! May be one day I'll have the courage to buy online AND overseas! haha
    Big hugs and kisses to all of you!